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LIS Audio April Feature – 2 Part, Part 2!


In this, our second LIS Audio April feature, we feature the complete and second parts of two audio builds we performed in past projects! The Nissan 350Z we call #ProjectZ33 and the Ford Mustang dubbed the “Super Cobra” came back in to have a bit more work done to fully complete the audio builds to a show quality level as to assist in winning future shows and wowing onlookers!

Super Cobra Part 2!

grilleThe Super Cobra Mustang on display and lit up at the 2019 Kansas City World of Wheels Auto Show
trunk1A pic of the full Part 2 trunk build in the Super Cobra

We’ll start with this beautifully crafted Retrobuilt Motors 2011 Ford Mustang GT that has been converted into a 1967 Eleanor style Mustang that the owner, Jc Fisher of The Texas Tenors, calls the Super Cobra. We previously add a full system to take it to the 2017 SEMA car show. The new system would run off one single Audio Dynamics Premium Series 1500 watt 6 channel amplifier to power 2 sets of Audio Dynamics 3200 Series component speakers in the doors and two 1100 Series 12” subwoofers.

subsThe two Audio Dynamics 12″ 1100 Series subwoofers in custom enclosures behind the new fascia
ampThe Audio Dynamics Premium Series 1500.6 amplifier and NOS tank tucked away neatly in their new homes

We had already constructed the front door speaker pods as well as the two custom 12” subwoofer enclosures with the super snake embossed into the box dress fascia. In the rear deck lid we deleted the speakers and built a custom perforated grille to allow more bass to flow through to the cabin, which is where the AudioControl LC2i Line-Out Convertor is tucked away neatly.

shoThe attention to detail Retrobuilt Motors showed in building this Mustang to match the ’67 Eleanor is painstaking
podThe two sets of Audio Dynamics 3100 Series components speakers in the custom LIS Audio speakers pods on the doors

The entire trunk was also treated with HushMat sound deadener to reduce vibrations and to keep as much bass in the car as possible! We also added LED lights to the engine bay and the nitrous purge in the grille for a bit of a bit when the car rolls up! See more of this build and other features to come on Jc’s Facebook page 1967 Retrobuilt Mustang RSC-GT!

closeAs seen here, there is much more contour and depth to the total build as opposed to before
shelfWe built two magnetically removable shelves so that Jc can display his business cards and other merchandise at car shows

You can see more on this build by following the link to he Part 1 blog or checking out our YouTube channel where we have videos of the entire finished build!

What our social media pages and our website for press releases and updates of the Super Cobra and where you can catch it in person!

#ProjectZ33 Part 2!

OutThe 350Z ready to leave LIS Audio after its latest upgrades and additions
SeatsInterior panels rewrapped in red and black suede to match the Braum Racing seats

This next beauty queen is Brennan Vail’s custom wide-body 2004 Nissan 350Z which is bagged and lays frame on concrete. Marin Vail’s body shop, Brennan’s father, performed the work on the custom-built exterior body kits and panels. Riding on the Air Lift Performance suspension system with the low hanging body kit wrapped around Avant Garde custom built 3 piece wheels accented by LIS Audio exterior lighting kit.

iPadThe custom iPad slider a build hides a Kenwood single DIN stereo behind it that disperses media to the audio system
SubsThe newly stained and finished wood grain fascia that protects and dresses the two Audio Dynamics 8″ 2100 Series subwoofers

The audio system is headed up with a single DIN Kenwood stereo that is hidden behind a custom iPad slider that fits a 12” iPad pro to play all media through the system. The Audio Dynamics Premium Series 4 channel 1000 watt amplifier powers the two sets of Audio Dynamics 2100 Series component speakers and the Audio Dynamics Premium Series 1200 watt amplifier runs the two Audio Dynamics 2100 Series 8” subwoofers.

TVThe entire hatch of the finished 350Z project on display as it is meant to be at car shows
Door LThe door pods all lit up and accenting the two sets of Audio Dynamics 2100 Series components speakers

We added a fiber optic “Wraith” style headliner and swapped the full interior for red and black suede. The birch wood dress panels we build for the custom speaker doors pods, the subwoofer enclosures behind the seats, dressing the floating amp rack and the floor of the hatch, where all stained to have a nice wood finish.

RackThe Audio Dynamics amplifiers and the Xbox One finished up with our custom fluid lighting to show them off
XboxAn up close of the Xbox One which can be played off the 32″ TV screen installed in the hatch

This vehicle was fully covered with HushMat sound deadener during the Part 1 installation and build and made a tremendous contribution to the audio quality and in reducing road noise. Check out the Xbox One and 32” flat screen TV we added to the hatch as well! This thing is show worthy all the way, but stay tuned to Brennan’s IG account, “@lebrennan.z” to see the next and final surprise of the build!!

DoorThe door panels now have stained wood grain accents to match the rest of the interior
TankThe custom painted air tank for the air ride system front and center on display

You can see more on this build by following the link to he Part 1 blog or checking out our YouTube channel where we have videos of the entire finished build!

Thank you for reading our LIS Audio Blog! Watch for the April client vehicle feature! Who knows which car or truck it could be! Maybe yours!

Contact LIS Audio if you have any questions…

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