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LIS Audio September Feature 2018 Ford Explorer “Betty” Stereo Upgrade

This 2018 Ford Explorer was in need of an audio system upgrade, so we jumped in to help! Check out what we did to add a high-end audio system while maintaining a mostly factory appearance.

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LIS Audio June Feature – 2015 Ford Mustang 5.0 Convertible Stereo Upgrade

Our clients came to us wanting to upgrade the audio system in their 2015 Ford Mustang 5.0 convertible, with the main goal to have us design and build a system that could be loud enough to drown out the aftermarket exhaust and wind/road noise while cruising on the highway with the top down. Check out just how we made it happen!

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LIS Audio April Feature – 1984 Cutlass Custom Lowrider a KC Showdown Build

With this build we decided to go for an “old school look, with a new school feel” while reaching plenty of lows in the sub-stage to hit hard and deep. Having recently partnered up with Kicker, Stacy and KC Showdown Promotions wanted to add some updates that would impress.


LIS Audio January Feature – 2000 Porsche 911 Carrera Custom Audio Build

Not sure how to fit all that audio you want into such a small vehicle? Maybe we can offer some ideas. Check out this article to see how we did with this Porsche 911 Carrera!

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LIS Audio November Feature – 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Custom Audio Build

Our client approached us looking for a show quality build that would keep up with the loud exhaust and high-end build aesthetics of their ‘69 Chevy Camaro, while remaining clean to the ear at high volume levels. Having previously built extensive audio systems in this client’s other vehicles, we already had a head start when it came to knowing what they were looking to achieve.

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LIS Audio September Feature – Legacy Limo Party Bus Recovery and Revamp

Legacy Limo KC had a bit of a hiccup when one of the larger VIP Medusa buses was stolen and gutted of nearly all of the electronics plus a few more random things that needed replacing. They reached out to us at LIS Audio to help them get the bus back to working order.

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LIS Audio Now Hiring – Come Be A Part Of Our Top 50 Team!

You could have the opportunity to be on the team of a Top 50 Retailer and working with a Top 50 Installer at LIS Audio in Spring Hill Kansas! We are looking for bright and self motivated individuals who can perform the duties set before them.

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LIS Audio How-To: Properly Planning Your Sub-stage

This blog will cover the advantages and the many precautions you may need to consider when add to or upgrading your sub-stage. We will go over power demands, space restrictions and the different type of sub enclosures. Check it out!

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LIS Audio August Feature – Audi “2nd Amendment” Signature Build

 This particular client of ours wanted to have a loud yet sound quality system that met his taste in music all while retaining the factory appearance. Our client, knowing we like to perform unique custom builds, decided to add his own twist on the project.

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LIS Audio Product Highlight – Audio Dynamics 2100 Series Subwoofer

In this blog we will go over all of the benefits that the Audio Dynamics 2100 Series subwoofer offers in many different applications. Check it out and see if this subwoofer is right for your project!