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LIS Audio December Feature – 1970 Dodge Challenger Build

We like to work with a custom hot rod builder that contracts our services to add final touches to the interior aesthetics and audio systems of his builds. This time Jimmie brought us a 1970 Dodge Challenger he was building for the owner of Richline Motorsports Independence, which was a full frame off rotisserie style build. It was our job to match the already reworked custom upholstery and tie it into the vehicles overall style, without going too crazy on the audio aspect at the request of the client.

Here is a small album where you can see just a little portion of the fabrication work Jimmie put into building the Challenger. From the very beginning when the car rolled into his shop with tons of rust, through the tear down process and on to body work and paint. These pictures really show you just how far this custom Dodge Challenger has come but still doesn’t do justice to the amount of work that was put in!

The original platform was a weathered convertible 1970 Dodge Challenger which head quite a bit of rust. You can see in the pictures above the condition it arrived at LIS Audio for the interior restoration. From inside and out, top to bottom, this vehicle was built with tons of attention to detail and high-end performance parts. You can see the “tubbed” rear end that fits the giant rear wheels, the Lamborghini exhaust tips, the carbon fiber drive shaft and many more little morsels in the pictures of the build.

Here is a list of the products LIS Audio added to the mix…


  • Pioneer 6.2″ Touchscreen Media Reciever
  • Audio Dynamics 500 Series Coaxial Speakers (3 Pairs)
  • Audio Dynamics 60.4 Standard Amplifier
  • Audio Dynamics 500 Series 12″ Subwoofer
  • Heise LED Lighting

The extent of work we performed went towards wiring the full stereo system, building custom door panels from scratch, modifying the kick and rear quarter panels, and dressing the trunk out to match. We also wired in and install new speakers, an amplifier and some custom LED lighting. You can see just how attentive to detail Jimmie is with his build process and we aimed to reach the same level of fabrication and aesthetics, as to compliment the work he had already done.

When it comes to the products added, it is a fairly short list. We installed Audio Dynamics three sets of 500 Series coaxial speakers, an Audio Dynamics 4 channel amplifier and Audio Dynamics 12” 500 series subwoofer in a custom build LIS Audio enclosure. Oxygen Free Copper T-Spec wiring and RCA interconnectors were used to transfer power and signal to the components. The amplifier powers the front door speakers and subwoofer while the Pioneer radio powers the kick panel and rear panel quarter speakers.

The main material used was leather. The leather used is real dyed cowhide and was custom made just for this build. We had to go to great lengths to make sure that every portion of leather was used properly and wrapped nicely as to not to ruin the material as we worked. The leather is irreplaceable which meant little to no room for error when measuring and dressing. Every step and move in the project was well thought out before the fabrication process ever began.

 The owner of the Challenger didn’t want to go all out on the audio but he did want the fabrication of the interior to be up to par with the rest of the car. Overall the build turned our very nice. We were extremely excited to get our hands on this car to be able to display just how much custom fabrication skill we have. Make sure you stop by Richline Motorsports or make it out to Kansas City the World of Wheels car show to check out the Challenger in person! Thanks for reading, and until next time!

The Challenger, home on the showroom floor at Richline Motorsports in Independence, MO

Check out the video below to see even more of the finished work of the Challenger build!

Thank you for reading our LIS Audio Blog. Stay Tuned for next month to see which build or installation makes the next feature. Who knows, it could be yours!!

Contact LIS Audio if you have any questions… 

Phone: 913-912-6990


Address: 631 S. A-Line Dr, Spring Hill, KS, 66083

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