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LIS Audio March Feature – ‘04 GMC Savana Explorer VIP Upgrades

A client contacted us about updating his 2004 GMC Savana Explorer conversion van to get it ready for cross-country trips with his family. The van was a bit older in age but was still in great condition for upgrades, and even for luxurious long distance travel.

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LIS Audio February Feature: Benefits Of An Upgraded Audio System!

Have you ever wanted to see just how beneficial audio upgrades can be without having to purchase and install all of the components of a system to hear the differences? In this blog we will cover the benefits of simply adding new aftermarket speakers while upgrading the stereo system, and/or adding an aftermarket sub-stage.

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LIS Audio How-To: Explaining “The Big 3 Upgrade”

What is the "Big 3 Upgrade"? The answer is generally pretty simple, overall. In this blog I will explain what this upgrade consists of, the advantages it offers, and the specific variables to take into account when performing the upgrade.

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LIS Audio September Feature – 2018 Honda Civic Sub-stage Dress and Lighting

This blog breaks down the custom work done in this 2018 Honda Civic Si code named, Spawn. Check out what we did this go around and some of the unique twist's we took to get the client just what they wanted!

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LIS Audio April Feature – 2012 KIA Sorento COG System Upgrade

Not every installation at LIS Audio is a huge built with lots of custom work but every installation is just as important. This client simply wanted to upgrade the full stereo system in her 2012 KIA Sorento, front to back. Check out how we helped her out!


LIS Audio February Feature – ’10 VW Passat 2nd, 2nd Amendment Signature Build

A good client of ours had work done with us previously in his Audi A3, which we named the 2nd Amendment Signature Build. He recently came back with a 2010 Volkswagen Passat and he said, “I love what you guys did in my Audi, I don’t want to change a thing. I bought this car though, and I want more.”

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LIS Audio October Feature – 1963 Ford Falcon Street Rod

A small write up of John's '63 Ford Falcon Street Rod and the entirety of the work performed by LIS Audio! This Street Rod can be seen at many shows over the year and turns heads every time. Be sure to watch for John's Falcon on the road this summer!

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LIS Audio July Feature – Tim’s Ford F150 Audio Anniversary!

This Blog features a custom built center console subwoofer enclosure and a ton of Audio Dynamics and Hushmat audio product! Read up to see how crazy we went on this '14 Ford F150.

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LIS Audio How-To: Building Custom Speaker Pods

This blog will cover one of the many different techniques that I use to build custom speaker pods that will form fit to the existing door panel. I will show you how we can fit 2 pairs or Audio Dynamics Components speakers with LED's on the doors of a Fully Modified '04 Nissan 350Z!