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LIS Audio December Feature – ’05 Silverado Audio Dynamics Upgrade

We recently had a client contact us about upgrading the full audio system in their 2005 Chevrolet Silverado daily driver. Our client had been wanting to get a full system installed by LIS Audio but had yet to have the opportunity. He wanted to go with a full Audio Dynamics setup with Hushmat sound deadener installed, as we love to do, and do often. Now, was his chance and boy did it turn out awesome!

A front view of the 2005 Chevy Silverado getting the full stereo upgrade.


  • Kenwood Touchscreen Stereo
  • Audio Dynamics 2000 Series 6.5″ Speakers
  • Audio Dynamics 1000 Series 4″ Speakers
  • Audio Dynamics 300.4 Amplifier
  • Audio Dyanmics 600.1 Amplifier
  • Audio Dynamics 1200 Series 8″ Subwoofers
  • Hushmat Sound Deadener
  • T-Spec 0 Gauge Oxygen Free Copper
  • T-Spec RCA Interconnects
  • Interstate Batteries MTZ-78 AGM Power Cell

Some “before” shots of what was in the Silverado prior to our installation.

We started by setting up the foundation for the full audio installation. We replaced the lead acid battery under the hood with something much more powerful and more efficient. It was swapped out for an Interstate Batteries AGM group 78 power cell that bolts straight in using the factory mounting hardware. The Big 3 Upgrade was performed to help transfer plenty of current to where it is needed. T-Spec 0 Gauge oxygen free copper was used for the wiring of the entire aftermarket setup. As were T-Spec RCA’s interconnects, ground distribution block and fused distribution block. All ground connections were also installed using nuts or bolts to secure them reliably.

Some shots of The Big 3 Upgrade, the new battery installed and the amp ground

The Silverado already had a Kenwood stereo installed so we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of keeping the radio over going with a newer model. Ultimately, it came down to us investigating to make sure the older unit would work well with the new setup once everything else was installed. We did a bit of rewiring behind the radio to ensure reliability from this point on. Audio Dynamics 2000 series 6.5” and 1000 series 4” speakers were chosen to replace the front and rear door speakers. We added Hushmat sound deadening to the inner and outer skins of the front and rear doors. You can read more on the benefits of using sound deadener in our Benefits of Sound Deadening Blog. The speakers are all powered by an Audio Dynamics 300 Watt 4-channel amplifier.

A custom LIS Audio enclosure was built to hold four Audio Dynamics 1200 series 8” subwoofers under the rear seat. The enclosure was glassed into the rear floor so that it would form fit to the truck and would not move or shift around, even without being bolted down. The enclosure is wrapped in tan colored carpet to match the factory carpet. A bass knob was installed near the radio to easily control the amount of sub output (bass) independently from the rest of the system. A 600W Monoblock Audio Dynamics amplifier was used to really get the subwoofers moving. Now, this Silverado sounds awesome!

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