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LIS Audio March Feature – ‘04 GMC Savana Explorer VIP Upgrades

A client contacted us about updating his 2004 GMC Savana Explorer conversion van to get it ready for cross-country trips with his family. The van was a bit older in age but was still in great condition for upgrades, and even for luxurious long distance travel. The additions we discussed included upgrading the vehicle technology to bring it into the current times and as well as some of the aesthetics to make the vehicle feel newer. Check out everything we did to get them on the road in style and comfort!

There were a few aftermarket components already installed but they were not quite up to par. Our client wanted to add a nice big touchscreen stereo to pipe the media signal into his aftermarket amplifiers, that will power all the speakers and allow for greater overall musical volume. Swapping out the TV for something more modern while adding a DVD & Blu-ray player, along with some additional charging outlets, helped to bring a modern feel. The TV’s also came with wireless headphones and an expandable IR reader for more additional wireless headphone add-ons. We added 110V AC wall style outlets, as well as USB outlets that also display the voltage of the electrical charging/supply system. This designates passengers a station to keep their mobile devices charged. 

To lay the foundation we swapped out the front starting battery for an Interstate AGM, upgraded the motor with an AutoTech high output alternator, and upgraded the charging system using 0 gauge OFC wire. This is also known as upgrading the “Big 3 Upgrade.” It will help support all the additional electrical equipment we have just added to the Savana. Much of the equipment is what we refer to as Customers Own Gear or, “COG” equipment, which the client sought out and purchased. These new additions help to create a much more reliable system from front to back, whether the vehicle is in motion or sitting still. 

Product list…

·     Hertz 6.5 Component Speakers, 2 Pairs

·     Hertz 5.25” Coaxial Speakers

·     Hertz 6X9” Coaxial Speakers

·     Massive Audio E3 Mono Amplifier

·     Two Rockford Fosgate Power 4-Channel Amplifiers

·     AutoTech High Output Alternator

·     Interstate AGM Battery

·     Two Cobra 400W Power Inverters

·     LG DVD & Blu-ray Player

·     24” Vizio Flat screen TV

·     SiriusXM Satellite Tuner & Dock

·     XTRON oversized Android Radio 

·     Metra USB Chargers & Voltage Gauges

·     T-Spec OFC Wiring & Interconnects

·     Wireless Headphone IR Adapter

The old “center console” was removed to make room for the new custom console, so we decided to home some of the components in. The factory cooler/chiller was incorporated in to the new console while we added the DVD/Blu-ray player, two AC to DC power inverters, the subwoofer amplifier, both 4-channel amplifiers, two USB charging outlets, a fan to keep it all cool and a couple front and rear switch banks to help control the turning off and on of each component. The amplifiers are accessible through a small removable panel on the top of the console. An additional HDMI cord was run to the side of the console for the hookup of another external device to the 24” TV.

The satellite radio receiver was mounted just below the new Touchscreen stereo and next to the neatly installed bass knob. These components along with the factory style rear backup camera are also tied into the new stereo. The Massive 1400-Watt amplifier, which we incorporated into the new center console, powers two 12” Rockford Fosgate subwoofers in a ported Rockford Fosgate enclosure. We replaced the speakers in the front doors, replaced the front ceiling speakers, added new speakers to the rear ceiling panel and replaced the two speakers in the rearmost storage area. All being Hertz speakers listed above with grilles to protect them. 

Overall, the new system is very enjoyable! It would be hard to get bored in this vehicle, even over long periods of time. The addition of the switch panels on the front and rear of the center console allows the driver and passengers to control which of the components are on and which zones play music. For example, if all of the passengers are asleep and the driver simply wants to listen to music in the front and not in the rear, it is only a flick of a switch to do so. The system sounds good anywhere you sit and the van is now a rolling VIP lounge for the family. Thanks for taking the time to review this build with us, and we hope to see you here again soon! Until next time!

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