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LIS Audio November Feature – 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Custom Audio Build

Our client approached us looking for a show quality build that would keep up with the loud exhaust and high-end build aesthetics of their ‘69 Chevy Camaro, while remaining clean to the ear at high volume levels. Having previously built extensive audio systems in this client’s other vehicles, we already had a head start when it came to knowing what they were looking to achieve. We got started on bringing the audio system and interior up to par with the rest of the Camaro. Check out exactly how we went about doing so.


Equipment List

  • Alpine Single DIN Stereo
  • AudioControl 1200.6 6-channel Amplifier 
  • AudioControl 1500.1 Mono Amplifier 
  • Audio Dynamics 6.5” 3200 Series Component Speakers
  • Audio Dynamics 6.5” 2200 Series Coaxial Speakers
  • Audio Dynamics 12” 2200 Series Subwoofers
  • Optima Red Top Batteries
  • Hiese LED Lighting
  • T-Spec Oxygen Free Copper Wire & Interconnects
  • PAC Battery Isolator
  • Hushmat Sound Treatment & ½” Silencer Foam

We started by making sure the foundation of the audio system was solid, so we  began to address charging system wiring, power supply and body panel vibrations. The previous setup included a single Optima battery to the right of the fuel cell in the trunk that was a bit outdated, which we replaced while adding a second to the left side of the fuel cell. A PAC battery isolator was placed between the batteries to ensure the starting battery is always ready, even if the vehicle dies from the system playing while the ignition is off. Multiple runs of 0 Gauge Oxygen Free Copper wires were run under the car from front to back protected with wire sleeving and attached to the frame. All of these upgrades allow the charging system to operate at maximum  performance when the engine is at idle.

The addition of Hushmat sound deadener was next. Multiple Ultra Kits and ½” foam was used to reduce vibrations and rattles across open metal areas of the interior body panels. The two door inner and outer skins, floor front to back, interior of kick panels and rear quarters, cabin tub area, along with the entire trunk, were all treated. With the engine started and the electric cutouts open, the Camaro’s cabin sounds much quieter than it did before, which is a pretty big feat given the roar of the engine and exhaust system. Now we needed to get the audio system volume up loud enough to be just as impressive as the sound of the vehicle running, maybe more so.

Our client didn’t want to build out the doors to add speakers, which would’ve been a challenge anyways due to the full roll cage but, we still need plenty of mids and highs. We went with a set of Audio Dynamics 3200 Series Component speakers down in the custom built front kick panels, and two sets of Audio Dynamics 2200 Series Component speakers in the rear custom built package tray. The crossovers for all three sets of speakers are strategically placed on either side of the enclosure, for the front speakers, and inside the neatly built tray, for the rear speakers. Two 12” Audio Dynamics subwoofers were installed into a LIS Audio custom ported enclosure that was crammed into the space inside the rear of the roll cage. 

A Single DIN Alpine stereo was used to head the full system, which was installed with a custom made mounting bezel. The stereo pipes signal into an AudioControl 1200.6 6-Channel amplifier that powers all of the speakers, and an AudioControl 1500.1 Mono amplifier that runs the two 12” 600-Watt subwoofers. The custom enclosure was designed around the roll cage and then fiberglassed into place for a rigid finish, which the front of became the area where the amplifiers were installed. The rest of the rear tub/roll cage area was finished off with fascias and accented with subtle white LED lighting. The lighting was extended to under the hood, spotlighted onto the kick panels, and into the trunk to display the new electrical system.

A custom center console was built to hold the new rocker switch panel and cup holders. The console buts up to the rear build out and helps to tie everything together, while still falling away from the eye, as to not draw the eye to it. The client was extremely satisfied with the results of the sound and looks of their new custom audio system. This Camaro will make it to a few local shows and you may even be able to catch it at a future Kansas City World of Wheels show, again, as it was there fully finished for the first time in 2019. Keep an eye, and an ear, out for this Camaro cruising down the streets of KC!

Thank you for reading our blog and I hope you came away having learned something new. What our LIS Audio Blogs for more “How-To’s” and client features to come!

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All images are provided and owned by LIS Audio (Limitless Innovative Solutions, LLC) of Kansas City.

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