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LIS Audio Now Hiring – Come Be A Part Of Our Top 50 Team!


You could have the opportunity to be on the team of a Top 50 Retailer and working with a Top 50 Installer at LIS Audio in Spring Hill Kansas! We are looking for bright and self motivated individuals who can perform the duties set before them. More specifically, we’re looking to hire Detail Technicians, Installation Technicians, Sales Representatives and Delivery Drivers. The shop operates Tuesday through Saturday (10AM to 6PM) with Sunday’s, Monday’s, and all major holidays off. Contact us via the information below for more details!

Pay structure for each position varies due to level of certification and years of experience, and will be addressed in greater detail in the interview process. Industry Veterans and Experienced Applicants will have a pay scale that is determined per employee and during an agreed upon “try out period”. This will generally consist of a draw per pay period (no less than an apprentice pay) with commissions on labor, or overall tickets. Applicants that have no in shop experience, are not certified, or may have very little installation experience will start at a $15/hr (or more) pay rate with bonus on labor (and/or overall tickets depending on positions) per pay period. Many more incentives are also available determined on the amount of additional tasks an employee may wish to perform for LIS Audio.

To apply, hit the “Download Application” button below and download the application. Print and fill out the application then bring it to our physical location or, fill out the digital copy and e-mail it to

Commission Rates on Total Sales and/or Labor:

(Hourly Rate Plus Commission)

TierRateTotal Monthly Sales

Find more information involving job descriptions on our official website –

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