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LIS Audio July Feature: 2017 Jeep Wrangler JK DB Drive Build

Recently we had a client approach us with their Right-Hand-Drive 2017 Jeep Wrangler JK wanting to add a fully upgraded sound system. After being referred to us by a good friend we setup a consultation and began to discuss the details. He showed us a really nice build that Mark did in a Jeep Wrangler on Car Audio Fabrication and wanted something similar, just with a bit more customization and larger audio components all around. Our client told us to “do our thing” and “make it look futuristic” so, we set out to do just that!

There was a previously installed Android style Touchscreen radio that wasn’t up to LIS Audio standards so, we decided to swap it out for a much more reliable and functional Stinger Heigh10 Touchscreen radio. The starting battery was swapped out for an Interstate Batteries AGM battery and we added a PAC Relay Isolator to separate it from the upcoming secondary battery when the ignition is off. The “Big 3 Upgrade” was also a must for the amount of power we planned to transfer to the newly installed audio system. Now, lets get into more of the details.

Our client brought in DB Drive amplifiers, speakers and a JY Power 40Ah Lithium battery to have installed as secondary supply specifically for the aftermarket audio and LED’s we plan to add. He wanted the two 10” WDX subwoofers to go into custom hip enclosures and to create a custom dress panel for the WDX 5K amplifier we would install into the hatch floor. Two sets of Pro DB Drive Elite tweeters and WDX 6.5” mid-bass speakers were to be added to the front dash and upper tower pods, which both needed a bit of custom work to fit. Our client asked for blue LED’s to accent our work, and we obliged.

    The new tweeters were so large, depth wise, that we needed to build small pods for them to mount into the dash factory locations. The front 6.5” mid-bass speakers nearly fit into the factory dash pods but, the pods did need minimal modification as well, and we decided to add some Hushmat to make them a bit more rigid. We ran 14-gauge speaker wire to each set of speakers to insure plenty of conductive surface for signal power distribution. The factory tower speakers were removed, along with the factory grille covers, and we added the new 6.5” WDX Pro mid speakers and the “Elite” Pro tweeters with custom plates wrapped in red vinyl then rim-lit them with blue LED’s. 

The 5K WDX amplifier bass knob, which controls the bass alone so the user can attenuate the level of bass separately from the front-stage to compliment each genre played with the rest of the system, is flush mounted into the lower driver’s side dash. We also added the LED switch panel to the lower dash that now controls the front bumper and overhead LED light bar, as well as the aftermarket installed blue LED lighting. Interior LED’s were also added to the front under dash to continue that same glow throughout the entire vehicle. We decided to add a full alarm and remote start system with Drone technology so that all controls and notifications will go directly to the clients cell phone.

The subwoofer enclosures we built using a technique referred to as “Stack-Fab”, which can make a long-term form fit custom enclosure much shorter to build. This technique also provides much rigid enclosure walls which is great for subwoofers that are a bit heftier. We added a bracing baffle for additional rigidity to the mounting surface and added nut-sert’s with ¼” thick allen bolts to hold the subs securely with no worries. These WDX 10” subwoofers weigh a ton, so it is important that they be mounted properly. We also added brackets to the back of the enclosures that fit factory mount bolt positions for the top.

    We tuned the 15-band Stinger stereo using our AudioControl DM-RTA and man did that small tune make a world of difference. Once the client heard the difference in the flat audio tune and then in our custom tune, his smile got brighter and fist’s we definitely bumped in that moment. The system also offers a large amount of bass and will definitely impress many basshead stereo fans knowing the subwoofers are in sealed enclosures with a single cubic foot of air volume behind each. This little build really slams now, and sounds great while doing so!

Check out the full video on our YouTube channel ( ), or below. You can see the system in action and get a closer look at our custom fabrication work!

Thank you for reading our blog and I hope you came away having learned something new. What our LIS Audio Blogs for more “How-To’s” and client features to come!

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All images are provided and owned by LIS Audio (Limitless Innovative Solutions, LLC) of Kansas City.

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