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LIS Audio September Feature – 2018 Honda Civic Sub-stage Dress and Lighting

This 2018 Honda Civic Si coupe was brought to us for a sub-stage upgrade and a few extra modifications. The car has been modified in many ways already but the audio system remained stock. It was up to us at LIS Audio to add a bit more finish to the build and create a much better sounding audio system. Using some of the product from his previous installation combined with the new, we set out to deliver exactly what he was looking for, and more!

Eric brought in two 12” Sony GS subwoofers, so that I could build a custom enclosure to fit the trunk just right and be hidden behind the new fascia to be built. We decided to go with a Massive Audio 800W monoblock amplifier to run them, and an AudioControl LC2i to transfer an accurate signal from the factory head unit to the amplifier. Oxygen free Install Bay (T-Spec) wiring was use throughout the installation, as well as connectors and the distribution block. The amplifier rack fills up the entire spare tire well but still allows room for future audio system upgrades. Just like the addition of a 4-channel amplifier to power the speakers.

A small AGM Shuriken battery was installed into the amplifier rack just to run the LED lighting system. This battery supports off of the aftermarket lighting while parked so that the starting battery doesn’t won’t be taxed when the lights are left on for long periods of time, like at car shows or video events. A relay was added to separate the starting battery from the auxiliary battery while parked, but reconnects to charge the rear battery once the Civic is started and running.

The trunk was built to flow with the existing formed carpet inserts while accenting a “Spawn” logo and building lights into it. We wanted to make it look custom while being subtle and flow into the factory panels. Using multiple textures like carpet, black vinyl, plexiglass and carbon fiber wrap, really helped to break up the layers and add some depth to the build. The entire “Spawn” word lit up in the trunk was drawn and fabricated by hand, filed and then routers to create and even and preformed look.

Two storage cubbies were built adjacent from one another in the trunk, as requested as a place to store cleaning supplies. The trunk LED lighting switch is located on a custom ABS plastic mount just inside the driver side storage cubby. A piece of plexiglass was built into the custom false floor to display the Massive Audio amplifier and Spawn logo at the center. On the trunk lid you will see another plexiglass window for the LIS Audio vinyl. The new trunk fascia helps reduce the total volume of the interior cabin air space and helps to push, and keep, the bass forward.

The factory front speakers were retained but, the rear speakers and factory subwoofer were removed in order to pass more bass into the cabin from the trunk. The trunk and trunk lid both received a Hushmat sound deadener kit to reduce rattles created from the amount of bass that was just installed. In addition to the audio upgrades and trunk build, an XK Glow exterior and interior lighting system was installed. Including the Fiber Optic fluid lighting on the interior along the top of the door seals. The lighting is all controlled and coordinated from the XK Glow app on our clients phone. Allowing for many different patterns and colors to be created.

I wrapped many of the interior accents with a carbon fiber vinyl and matched the custom built acrylic “Spawn” letters on the fascia in the trunk. While the Honda was in the shop the entire center console, new custom side skirt and front lips, engine dress panels were sent off to be hydro-dipped in a with a carbon fiber pattern. When looking under the hood or in the trunk, you may see the custom panels built to dress the undersides. In the trunk, we decided to add some lights and Plexi glass window to display a vinyl sticker. On the underside of the hood you will see a custom built PPE dress panel with a “Spawn” vinyl attached.

If you’re interested in displaying your vehicle at a car show you may want to take note of the custom door and trunk props made at LIS Audio. In this Civic we used metal and ABS plastic to build and decorate the Spawn door props, which work extremely well and look good. I also built a custom PPE front bumper wind splitter for the Civic. The splitter was built off of the shape of the new lower lip and is held on by stainless steel bolts and stabilizer rods that come with removable carbon fiber sleeves. From the client’s testimony, it is “truly a function splitter”. I’d say it’s not too shabby for my first attempt.

The amount of bass not available in this little coupe is exceptional so, we installed a factory integrated bass knob as to give more control and balance to the different genres of music that will be played. Overall our client is extremely satisfied with the installation, sound and look of the work done. This car will be super lit at any and all upcoming car shows and events to come! Make sure you watch out for Spawn in the Kansas City area!!

Check out the full video overview of the Spawn Civic on our YouTube Channel…

Thank you for reading our LIS Audio Blog. Stay Tuned next month to see which build, or installation, makes the next feature. Who knows, it could be yours!!

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