LIS Audio February Feature – ’10 VW Passat 2nd, 2nd Amendment Signature Build


A good client of ours had work done with us previously in his Audi A3, which we named the 2nd Amendment Signature Build. He recently came back with a 2010 Volkswagen Passat 2.0L and he said, “I love what you guys did in my Audi, I don’t want to change a thing. I bought this car though, and I want more.” So we set out to do just that, give him more!

After talking with the client to ascertain exactly what he wanted to change about his previous installation, it came down to adding more power (new alternator and extra battery) and running the 12 speaker system active, rather than passive. So we recruited the help of AudioControl and used their 10-Channel Digital Sound Processor and send signal from one amplifier pass through to the subwoofer amplifier to cover all 12 channels. We also wanted to address the areas of this vehicle with Hushmat that the budget did not allow on the previous Audi A3 build. The one main common denominator between these two builds would most certainly be the hideaway gun and ammunition storage compartments.


  • AudioControl DM810 DSP
  • AudioControl 800.4 Amplifier
  • AudioControl 1200.6 Amplifier
  • AudioControl 1500.1 Amplifier
  • Audio Dynamics 3200 Tweeters
  • Audio Dynamics 3200 Midbass Woofers
  • Audio Dynamics 3200 Midranges
  • Audio Dynamics 2200 12″ Subwoofers
  • AutoTech High Output Alternator
  • Interstate AGM Batteries
  • T-Spec OFC Wire
  • Hushmat Sound Deadener

To lay a proper foundation we agreed to add plenty of 0 gauge wire, a 320 Amp high output alternator and a second AGM battery that matches the front battery. This way anything we add to the system under 4,000 Watts is accounted for, at idle. The Interstate batteries we added will actively store 1,200 Watts at a time and will stay charged for a good period of time when not started. We also decided to run full lengths of wire from the charging system up front to the rear battery. This allows the system to have a much better return path for the electricity to flow than the make up of metals of the chassis in the VW.

The front doors allowed for a 3 Way speaker setup all behind the panels so we opted to use the Audio Dynamics 3200 series 6.5” Component set paired with the 3200 series midrange speakers. In the rear doors we added one set of 3200 6.5” component speakers. The factory stereo was left in the vehicle to control media and we added the AudioControl DM810 DSP to send signal to our amplifiers. We also added a ton of Hushmat sound deadener and foam to reduce rattles in the vehicle

Hushmat sound deadener helps to keep out external environmental noise, helps with thermal efficiency and creates an ideal environment for the stereo system. We covered the spare wire well because this is where we planned to mount the amplifiers and processor. We worked our way forward addressing the rear hips, hatch floor, under the rear seat, rear floorboards and front seat floorboards. We treated the entire sheet metal on the roof with two layers and some foam. From here we moved onto build the amplifier and processor mounts.

After removing the spare tire and roadside tool kit from the spare tire well, two mounts were built and carpeted to hold the new components. The second Interstate AGM battery was wired up into position on the amplifier rack. We installed the AudioControl 800.4, 1200.6 and 1500.1 near on the same rack. A smaller rack was built and installed in a floating fashion over the rest and homes the AudioControl DM810 and three Fuse Holders. Everything tucked away nice and neatly under the factory floor.

In the rear hatch just behind the seat we fabricated and installed a gun and ammunition storage compartment. The compartment was built to hold an AR-15, 8 magazines, a full size revolver and 4 additional speed loader clips. We added a VW emblem to the top of the rack to give it a factory integrated feel. The custom subwoofer enclosure slides snug into the storage rack without having to be screwed or bolted down, and will not allow the lower amplifier storage to be accessed win in place.

The custom enclosure is tuned to 36Hz for the 12” Audio Dynamics 2200 series subwoofers to place a wide variety of music. These two subs really move some air and keep up well to the high powered and clean front stage. The overall clarity of this system is amazing and even at the highest volumes there is no distortion. I am glad to say, from the client’s own mouth, we achieved the goal we set out to achieve with this system. More, it is so much more in so many ways!

If you liked this blog you won’t want to miss the video below! See a bit more of how clean this installation was!!

Thank you for reading our LIS Audio Blog. Stay Tuned next month to see which build, or installation, makes the next feature. Who knows, it could be yours!!

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