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LIS Audio November Feature – Chiefs Party Bus!

We recently had a client contact us about performing some work on his freshly painted and mechanically impressive 1985 Ford Kansas City Chiefs themed party bus. This is an old school short bus that has been converted into a party bus meant for tailgating at Arrowhead Stadium and many other Kansas City Chiefs events! During our first consultation with the client we realized it needed a serious audio system revamp, so began planning.

20181006_144327_HDR.jpgThe Chiefs party bus modeling outside of the LIS Audio Workshop.

Once we got into removing the old ugly green grass style carpeted floor we quickly noticed that much of the wood needed to be replaced. We also upgraded the wiring of the buses electrical charging system so that the load of the new and improved audio system could be carried and dispersed efficiently. The new floor went down nicely and felt much more solid once it was adhered to the new wood panel floor. After this we stripped the old faded window tint and added new much more reliable window film to the bus!

pixlr_20181028060413248.jpgFrom an old underperforming single DIN Sony stereo to a new Touchscreen double DIN Sony stereo.
20180921_171920_HDRAll the new product all set out and ready to be installed using tons of Audio Dynamics about!
pixlr_20181028061208614.jpgThe before and after of the prefabricated speaker pods to the new custom Arrowhead light up speaker pods.

The old single DIN stereo seemed to be having issues so we planned to start with replacing it along with adding a 4 channel amplifier to get more volume from the system overall. We decided to replace the 6X9” prefabricated speaker pods and add a subwoofer with amplifier to fill in the low-end frequencies of the music. Since there wasn’t’ a subwoofer on the previous audio system the new sound changed dramatically!

20181006_144026_HDR.jpgWe added a 32″ flat screen TV to the bus so our client will never miss a Chiefs game!
20181006_150344The primary starting batter with the deep cycle auxiliary stereo battery in the under seat storage compartment.

The stereo was replaced with a double DIN Sony touchscreen, which we modified to fit in the factory location. The 32” TV mounted to the wall is piped into the audio system with an amplified antenna so that when the Chiefs game comes on it can be played through the system anywhere! Audio Dynamics 1100 Series components speakers we chos for the new custom speaker enclosures that were build with illuminated arrowhead covers.

pixlr_20181028062559069The old and new center consoles, the old for storage and the new with a 10″ Audio Dynamics Subwoofer.
20180928_113315The inner workings of custom subwoofer enclosure center console.
pixlr_20181028072013608An Audio Dynamics 4 channel speaker amplifier and Audio Dynamics subwoofer amplifier.

The center console was replaced with a custom build LIS Audio center console subwoofer cabinet that homes an Audio Dynamics 10” 2100 Series subwoofer, and 2 cup holders. We lifted the already built bench seats and created storage cubbies under the seat cushions as well as add some soft close pull out drawers. One of the storage compartments homes the power invertor, amplifiers and the 2 batteries that start the bus and run the audio system.

pixlr_20181028182610757Newly fabricated and installed pull out and soft close drawers.
20181006_144540The benches flip up to reveal lots of storage for tailgating supplies.

We did a lot of custom work to spruce up this project and it was well worth it. The bus rolled out of the LIS Audio workshop sounding amazing and ready to impress! Watch the video to get a more in-depth look at what we did and how it’s all came about. Keep an eye out around Arrowhead Stadium for this Chiefs bus during the season and be sure to take a listen!

20181006_144003_HDRThe newly refinished bus entry way.
pixlr_20181028064657463The seats in the bus were very low so we kicked them up for more storage and comfort.
20181006_144302_HDRWatch for the bus at the next Chiefs home game, it’s sure to be tailgating.

Check out the video to see the process from beginning to end of the Chiefs bus build! We cover most of the upgrades and modifications we performed throughout the process. It was an all hands on deck job and we delivered it in great timing! See what all we had to do!

Video of the newly revamped Kansas City Chiefs party bus!

Thank you for reading our blog! Make sure to follow the LIS Audio Blog to see which ride we will be our December feature!!

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