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LIS Audio August Feature – Han’s Infiniti G35 Signature Build

Han brought his 2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe to us to have his entire sounds system upgraded and add a bit of flare to the aesthetics. He saw some of the work we had done to other client’s vehicles and he wanted a bit of an LIS Audio touch in his car. After going over a few other vehicles and letting Han hear the product we offered he decided to go with our premier line, Audio Dynamics. This G35 would become yet another LIS Audio Signature Build front to back. Read on to see what all we did to Han’s lowered Infiniti!

20170823_125703Han’s Infiniti G35 posted up outside of LIS Audio
pixlr_20180727155645294The new Kenwood stereo and custom switch panel with LED switch installed

Our Signature Build consists of laying a proper foundation with Stinger HPM Oxygen Free Copper wire, Hushmat treatment where it is recommended, Audio Dynamics product for the entire stereo system, a Kenwood Stereo or AudioControl line level out processor, and if necessary; the Big 3 Upgrade under the hood, new or additional batteries, and possibly a High Output alternator. To head the entire system Han wanted a Touchscreen stereo that fit his needs in features, after making his own attempt at buying the unit online a couple times with no success, we settled on the Kenwood DDX5748H.

20170810_094703.jpgThe G35 in the middle of the installation and fabrication process
pixlr_20180727160650324.jpgThe 6.5″ 2100 Series mid woofer installed into the door with Hushmat and foam wave ring

We agreed it would be able to achieve the most gain of sound quality and output by running Audio Dynamics products for the stereo system. We went with the 2100 Series 6.5” Component speakers in the doors and the 1100 Series 5.25” Coaxial speakers in the rear seat. The rear most speakers located in the rear deck lid we completely deleted to allow airflow of the bass from the subs into the cabin. We accented the mid woofers on the doors by adding some custom speaker rings with custom pressed grilles and back lit with our blue LED’s. The custom switch panel, which offers room for more future switches, was fabricated and installed just below the new stereo in the center console. This makes for a subtly factory look with a bit of aftermarket flare at the flip of a switch!

pixlr_20180727161053059.jpgCustom built accent speaker rings all for more sound to flow through the panel and give the car a much cooler look!
20170809_161210.jpgThe two 1100 Series 10″ Subs with the nearly finished custom sealed enclosure

The entire system is run off one Audio Dynamics 1500.6 Premium Series amplifier that is installed into the spare tire wheel well. The enclosure is built specifically for two 10” 1100 Series subwoofers that are wired to the 5+6 channels of the amplifier. We built a custom sealed subwoofer enclosure that’s tucked back into the trunk and fits perfectly. On front of the enclosure we designed and built a custom dress fascia to pretty up the entire trunk. The middle carpeted dress pieces along with the two sidepieces are all press fit into place using no screws. We illuminated the windows with blue LED’s where we embossed “LIS Audio” and “Infinite Trends” into silver vinyl that matches the exterior of the car. This really stands out when the trunk is open, lights are on and the sounds system us bumping!

20170810_132545.jpgThe 900.6 Premium Series amplifier neatly tucked away in the spare tire well
pixlr_20180727113512528The trunk dress full finished, assembled and lit up with our Blue LED lighting

We used Stinger HPM Oxygen Free Copper 4 gauge wire to power the entire system along with Stinger 6000 Series RCA interconnectors to provide an accurate and clean signal to the amplifier. With the addition of Hushmat sound deadener in the doors, rear quarter panels and in the spare tire well this coupe has stepped up its game 10 fold when it comes to luxury and audio performance! Han’s Infiniti G35 displays the perfect balance of a traditional factory integrated system as well as some custom work to make it stand out a bit. This is the total advantage of going with the LIS Audio Signature build! We’re glad your happy Han, enjoy your new system!!

pixlr_20180727161800628.jpgWe created windows so that the subs and amplifier are visible behind the custom dress fascia’s
20170823_124350The G35 all finished up and ready to deliver go Han!

Thank you for taking the time to read our LIS Audio August Blog! We have a new feature of full builds in our client’s cars every month. Follow our Blog to see more future features or to the vehicles we ‘ve already featured!

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