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LIS Audio April Feature – #Project Z33 350Z Show Build

Insane “LeBrennan.Z” 350Z Build…

20180209_210014Brennan’s Nissan 350Z at the Kansas City World of Wheels Car show 2018

Brennan Vail’s wide body Z, or as we refer to it “#ProjectZ33,” is one rare 2004 Nissan 350Z. Brennan and his father Marvin Vail, Owner of Marvin’s Tow in Gardner Kansas, are the visionaries of this insane creation. Marvin’s Tow trucks are famous locally around Kansas City and very well known nationally for the awesome paint schemes and attention to detail in the modifications on the trucks. An entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed truck can be spotted in any area of KC and even the country, along with Optimus Prime, The Avengers, a Cars themed truck all equipped and ready to two on a day-to-day basis!

20180209_135901_HDR.jpgProject LeBrennan.Z posted at World of Wheels 2018
When the 350Z first arrived at LIS Audio for our portion if the build

To think, this is just the beginning! Continue on reading this blog if you are interested in seeing how the Z currently sits and the plans for it’s bright and adventurous future!

From Fiction to Fruition…

Screenshot_2018-04-03-08-55-32.jpgWhen the Z only had a few early mods

Brennan’s passion for auto customization was obviously passed down from his father. Brennan has many projects from his Nissan 240SX drift project to his soon to be slammed Honda Odyssey, but his Nissan which he labels “LeBrennan.Z” project is the apple of his eye. He has also been working hard to build his car group KC Kulture into a national following with great success. Especially with the 350Z being one of the rides representing Kansas City’s custom car culture! There are rumors of more custom bodywork to come, a super clean paint scheme, adding a 32” TV to the rear hatch and even wider wheels…? Brennan and Marvin have been dreaming up the project for some time and there are plans for much more, but this build is too good to not be shared even at this stage!

pixlr_20180407124307272.jpgLIS Audio Owners Cameron “Chimpo” Powell and Justice “JAX” Berry with Brennan his award winning Z in left pic: and with Marvin and his award winning two truck in right pic
20180207_142531.jpgCustom LIS Audio pods for 6.5″ AD Designs component speakers

The current modifications to the project LeBrennan.Z include a custom wide body kit, K&N cold air intake, Avant Garde three piece F431 custom biult wheels with stretched tires, a massive GT style carbon fiber wing and his favorite part the, AirLift Performance air ride suspension. The full interior was designed and fabricated at the LIS Audio Workshop in Spring Hill Kansas. The entire system consist of very high end product including Audio Dynamics, which is based out of Farmington, MO.

20171030_194705_20180407213813861.jpgThe two 8″ 2100 series subwoofers in custom LIS Audio enclosures
20180206_222319_20180206223833433_20180207085001858.jpgCustom LIS Audio floating amplifier rack with Xbox1 and plasma style lighing

At LIS Audio we added three deep cycle Shuriken batteries, an ultimate Hushmat kit to the entire vehicle and upgraded the factory charging system wiring with Stinger HPM 0 Gauge Oxygen Free Copper. As for the audio, we added custom door pods with two pairs of 6.5” AD Designs 2100 series speakers, run from an AD Designs Premium 1000 watt 4-channel amplifier. Behind the seats are two 8” 2100 series subwoofers in custom LIS Audio enclosures, powered by an AD Designs Premium 1200 watt amplifier. The media is controlled through an iPad pro in a custom LIS Audio slider with a Kenwood single DIN stereo dispersing signal.

20180207_155105_20180407125223931.jpgThe custom Avant Garde three piece wheels (front 19 X 10 & rear 19 X 12.5)
A short video of the custom LIS Audio “Wraith” style starlight headliner

While at the shop we also added a “Wraith” style fiber optic starlight headliner, custom LED wheel lights, custom LED underglow light kit and a custom full interior LED light kit. The interior of the Z33 was modified from gray and black plastic trim to black and red suede throughout. Along with many of the fore mentioned mods that are in the plans, the wood grain and stain for the custom subwoofer enclosure baffle and hatch floor are waiting to be added. As you may be able to tell the wood grain has already been modified and installed into the door pods and the amp rack. Once the wood grain is finished and the rest of the components installed the vehicle will hit yet another level of insane and will be ready for some huge shows to come!

20180207_155113_20180407130502771.jpgThe custom LIS Audio iPad Pro dash slider
Mid build progress on the 350Z, just after the dash was dyed black

Brennan and his father’s dreams of this vehicle becoming a “show stopping tuner,” that is hard to miss and wildly unique, have almost come to fruition. By following the hashtag #LeBrennan.Z you can follow most of the progress of the vehicle has taken to get from its beginnings to now. #ProjectZ33 has already been featured on flyers and on posts nationally for many different car shows and auto events for 2017 and even more this year! This build will be much crazier by the end of 2018 no doubt!

Screenshot_2018-03-23-06-08-44.jpgBrennan about to roll out of World of Wheels 2018

Thank you for reading our blog! Make sure to follow the LIS Audio blog to see which ride we will be featuring next month!!

Contact LIS Audio if you have any questions…

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