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Justice and Cameron have helped me out twice now. The first time was to fix a mess that a ‘big box store’ made and today upgraded our audio system in another vehicle. These guys are sharp! – Brad Wells

At LIS Audio we don’t just aim to make sure our clients are happy but that they receive the best experience around compared to any other local shop! We believe in being Limitless in the pursuit of knowledge, Innovative in our techniques, putting full effort into finding Solutions for any situation! It is only fitting seeing how our name is Limitless Innovative Solutions…

20180211_182646_HDR_20180323050329453.jpgJustice “JAX” Berry, Jc Fisher of The Texas Tenors & Cameron “Chimpo” Powell at the World of Wheels Car show in Kansas City

Best Audio guys you will find in KC! Custom anything! The boys do Lighting, amps, speakers, hushmats, auto start, back up cams..and anything else you could possibly need or want! They’re fast, friendly and affordable. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else! – Jc Fisher

We provide professional and courteous interaction that one may get walking into a Car Audio shop in the Kansas City metro. We offer free consultations for every client so that we can accurately assess their vehicle and dial in what it is exactly the client is looking for to ensure they’re satisfied and land as close to their budget as possible!

Justice and Cameron are stand up guys they will shoot you straight took my 2013 explorer there and had them put in a factory integration AD system never hear AD before I was blown away at how well it sounded when they got done.They are more than willing to spend time and talk to you about any questions you might have! – Tim Soetaert

Screenshot_2018-03-23-06-08-44.jpgBrennan in his #ProjectZ33 Nissan 350Z rolling out of the World of Wheels car show in Kansas City

We at LIS Audio believe in walking the walk, not just talking the talk. We want our clients to know how much we care from when they first call or step into our shop, all the way to after the job has been performed and years down the line. As many of our clients already know, we post very in-depth pictures and content online so that future clients can see how we perform our work before ever meeting with us. We are very open to showing a new client around our shop to let them see our accolades, certifications and just how we do our work.

Fast service, great quality, and friendly service. The guys at Limitless Innovative Solutions are fantastic. They sat down and helped me pick a speaker package to fit my budget while still delivering outstanding quality. I can honestly say on my way home after installation I was amazed by the sound. I was thinking I will need a subwoofer soon to finish off my sound. I will absolutely be returning to them and will recommend them to anyone looking for an audio installation. They were friendly and really took what the customer wants into consideration. You can tell these 2 definitely know what they are doing and will give you the whole-hearted honest truth. – Josh Lahr

Before ever starting work on a vehicle we like to inspect the exterior and interior for damage, so that our client is aware of any damage or non-working components. We also dress the vehicle with our complementary Protection Package which consist of adding a floor liner, steering wheel cover, taping off entry ways we plan to work in, adding a battery maintainer, fender covers and even test the batteries current condition every time a vehicle enters the bay for a new service.

20180105_125311.jpgOur LIS Audio Basic Protection Package

Our Clean Car Guarantee is another benefit of using LIS Audio, which states “You will get your car back just as clean or cleaner than when you left it!” This involves gathering or removing loose items or trash to avoid damage so that our techs have a clean work area. We take the time to make sure any debris that we may have added while performing the work is cleaned and vacuumed from all surfaces. If the job is very extensive it is very possible the vehicle will leave after having a full interior and exterior detail complimentary of LIS Audio!

A quick video of the LIS Audio protection package

I had Lis Audio did a full audio install with full change out of speakers throughout the car, and a 10inch sub installed as well! The customer service you receive here is just amazing! Justice sat down with me and discussed everything from what equipment they’re using, to prices. Also the thing that I enjoyed most was they both listen!!! Justice and Cameron listened to what ideas I had thought of for my car and then they gave me their ideas of what they were thinking as well! And we were able to implement both my ideas and some of their ideas into my car. They are honest about anything and everything you ask of them, and the prices are the best in the area!! I’m forever going to Lis Audio for the future of any and all vehicles of mine!!! – Jamin Anderson

When interacting with new clients we typically ask lots and lots of questions to ascertain exactly what the client is looking for and what their ultimate goal may be with their vehicle. It is also a practice of ours to ask permission before performing the work when needed, such as with component placement, slight modifications or any number of personal preferences. We like to get to know the client beyond simply collecting personal information for future reference. We firmly believe building a relationship with each client is the best way to ensure the most satisfactory experience one can get at a Local Car Audio shop!

KC Showdown-148.jpgMelissa & Mike receiving the raffle prize from Cameron “Chimpo” Powell & Justice “JAX” Berry at the LIS Audio sponsored Car show, KC Showdown

After the work has been performed and paid for we don’t stop here. We always let our clients know of any warranties that apply and of any future issues we may see arising with the vehicle so that it is not a surprise. We also like to perform follow-up calls after 30 days and 1 year to make sure the work we performed is still good and issue free. If an issue arises we will address it immediately and do everything in our power to make sure the issue is solved. Success is our only option!

Fast, friendly and convenient. Justice and Cameron are awesome! At first I wasn’t sure about their services and I’ve never done a custom built before so I was really nervous at first but after completing this built and gaining their trust, I was really satisfied on how things turned out and was amazed by their work. They were able to get a build done within less than a day when is a two day job, squeezed me in without having long waits just makes me wanna keep going back! Well money spent. Now they are my go to guys for all audio related and custom builds for my vehicle(s)! – Han Zhang

KC Showdown-126.jpgCameron “Chimpo” Powell and Michael at the LIS Audio sponsored Car show, KC Showdown

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We like to provide every client with a visit to our shop that is more than just that.. With an experience!

Sit down with Owners Justice “JAX” Berry and Cameron “Chimpo” Powell to hear their take on the LIS Audio Experience as well as see some recap of the first year in business!

The feature photo at the very too of this blog is of the magazine feature LIS Audio got in our second month of opening the shop doors. We take great honor in this being our first magazine feature and in the awesome write up Mobile Electronics Magazine did of our shop. If you would like to read the full article the link to the digital copy can be found below…

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Chris Hackett of You Can’t Hackett Productions,


John Florez,

Contact LIS Audio…

Phone: (913) 912-6990



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